6 Steps To a Healthy Sleep

June 13, 2019 2 min read


Busy schedules are the major cause for lack of sleep. But, the problem of sleep deprivation can cause major health issues. From weight gain to insomnia, and what not. We will showcase 6 healthy steps to healthy and sound sleep.

Step 1: Eat Right

Eating the right food during the whole day is one of the major factors one should look out for. Include a lot of nuts, juices, green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, and milk. These foods are high in protein and give you the right energy and metabolism to carry out your day to day tasks.

Step 2: Avoid Sweet Foods At Night

Yes, it is a hard choice to stay away from desserts and sweets. But, it is important to cut down on sugar intake before going to bed. Similarly avoiding caffeine, and alcohol before sleep is also very essential. Maybe you can appoint one day in a week as a cheat day, where you can have your favorite desserts, ice creams, sweets. Maybe during the weekend would be more advisable.

Step 3: Right Sleep Wear

Many of you might not agree to this because people feel they can go to bed in whatever they are comfortable with. But, the truth is having a pair of nightwear clothing boost comfort, relax, and also plays in your mind to go and catch some good peaceful sleep. Invest in comfortable nightwear clothing, wear them before you go to bed, and offer yourself a good sound sleep.

Step 4: Meditate

We all tend to be so involved in texting, and checking out social media before going to bed that we forget to lie down, think through what we did the entire day, and what we experienced. So, in the form of some meditation, take out just 15 minutes of your time before going to bed, and involve in some deep meditation. This is the best way to spend time with yourself, let go of all the negative energy, and go to bed, feeling good and positive.

Step 5: A Calm Environment

Well, sleeping with lights on, or noise is never going to bring you that much needed peaceful sleep. Therefore, clear up the trash, make your surrounding tidy, create a warm and cozy atmosphere, dim the lights, or turn it off completely, and here’s the perfect environment for a good sleep.

Step 6: A Proper Schedule

Delaying sleep time, or preponing sleep time regularly is not a good practice. This time change affects your routine cycle and affects your lifestyle. You might feel lazy or tired if you sleep too much or too less. So, stick to a proper sleep timing, and see how your body adapts to this and offers you the much-needed energy to carry out the next day tasks.

Apart from this involve yourself in some screen time detox, cardiac workouts, to grant yourself a good sleep every day.