July 28, 2021 3 min read

We all love nightgowns more than our casual outfits. Especially, during the lockdown days, nighties are a little more comforting even during the days. They are soothingly soft to touch and keeps us relaxed. 

When chosen well, there is nothing better than the feeling of utmost comfort it provides. It is essential to consider the type of nighty that is beyond styles. Choosing the right bedtime partner that ensures your comfort no matter what the day brings along. We are sharing some useful tips that can help you choose your perfect nightgown. 

Comfort Over Style

Wearing the right clothes to bed can influence your good night's sleep. Always keep comfort in mind when choosing loungewear. If the nightgown has long straps or is not your right size, it can be extremely annoying and can cause discomfort while sleeping. 

To ensure that the straps are of good quality, it is vital to inspect them carefully before/after purchasing. The straps must be securely attached.

Choose The Right Fabric

Nightgowns are made from a wide range of diverse materials. You can choose one considering your comfort. However, cotton is the most commonly used material for making nightdress as it durable and ideal for various skin types. 

There are other materials like satin chiffon, silk, and flannel. Whereas stain feels amazing to wear and silk looks more glamourous. Chiffon fabric is also a popular option that comes in different colors. The most important thing is what every material you opt for, must be soft and gentle on your skin so that you enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

Consider The Climatic Conditions

The climate is another factor that should be considered when buying a nightgown. For areas with cold climates, the nightgowns that cover the entire body are the most suitable. Although cotton is the most comfortable and can be worn throughout the year, flannels, wool, or synthetic fabrics provide warmth in the winter. If the climatic conditions are hot, it is permissible to purchase nightgowns in cotton and lighter fabrics.

Choose Your Colors


When wearing a nightgown, the color might enhance your overall look. We offer a wide range of designs across sizes like Large to 4XL. With multiple options in softer and pastel colors, women who wear the nightgown will appear more sophisticated and stylish. 

Choose the best-suited colors that make you feel good. To maximize your visual aspect, you must be willing to spend some time choosing the right color for yourself.

Buy from The Experts

As a leading manufacturer and designer of loungewears, we understand the needs of women's apparel especially for the working and women in the household. So, Nighty House focuses on delivering a variety of Nightgowns of premium quality. 

Pick the right color for you and also decide on what design will suit you. Pay attention to size and fabric for yourself. You may choose a nightie that ends between your ankles and knees if you wish to wear it during the day or for work from home days, as they will not hamper your movements.

 If you're looking for a dress for the night, which is usually colder than daytime, you may want to pick an ankle-length nightgown. Purchasing a proper nighty can be tricky. Always opt for reputed nightwear brands. You can refer to the size chart to check the right fit for you or go for an initial trial to make a wise choice.